Why Is FUE Hair Transplant So Effective In Treating Baldness?

FUE Transplant

As a man experiencing male pattern hair loss in Singapore, you may have heard of FUE. Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE) is becoming a popular method of treating male pattern baldness in Singapore that can be found on https://treatment.com.sg/hair-transplant-singapore/. The procedure involves transplanting your own hair to the areas where you are experiencing hair loss. While it is an investment, costing up to $10,000, it is a reliable and safe method of regaining your hairline. Cost will vary depending on the number of grafts required to receive the best result. But why is FUE so effective? Other methods of treating baldness are available including shampoos, tonics and conditioners.

For many of these hair loss treatments there is little evidence of their effectiveness. It is wise to consult a professional before spending a significant amount of money on these types of treatments. Some patients also try prescription medications. There can be some success with these medications, but they also only work if you continue taking them indefinitely. Some men try laser therapy as well, which is time consuming and expensive.

Camouflaging hair loss in the form of tattoos or hairpieces is also an option. Tattoos are an option for hiding the scalp in thinning areas. Hair pieces are also available. Hair pieces, while a quick fix, can be hot and uncomfortable. The lifespan of a hairpiece is only around two years, requiring repeated investment. It can also be a challenge to find a good hairpiece that looks real and blends with your existing hair. Despite there being many treatments available, many of these treatments do not provide the kind of results men in Singapore are seeking. Many of these types of treatments require you to continue the medication, shampoo or laser for the rest of your life to keep any results. FUE is unique in that it is an effective and permanent solution for male pattern hair loss.

Male pattern hair loss is caused by a hormone, DHT. DHT is an acronym for Dihydrotestosterone, a male sex hormone that is largely responsible for male pattern hair loss. Hair follicles are sensitive to high levels of DHT. Male pattern hair loss is often genetic. Your body just creates more DHT. Once DHT has damaged the hair follicle a medication or shampoo won’t bring hair back. FUE is unique because it can give you your own hair back by using your own healthy hair follicles.

If you are looking for a permanent treatment for baldness, FUE is extremely effective. There are several reasons why FUE is so effective. First of all, FUE uses your own hair and transplants it to new areas. The area in the back and sides of the head are naturally more resistant to DHT. That is why as hair loss progresses you see men with a ring of hair around the sides and back of the head.

FUE can give you your own hair back by using the hair in these areas as a donor site. Individual hair follicles containing one to four hairs each are extracted from the sides and back of your hair and individually transplanted to the area of hair loss. The best part is that those hairs maintain the DHT resistance that they had on the prior site. After the procedure is over, your new hair will also be DHT resistant.

Another reason FUE is so effective is because of how natural it looks. FUE is a very precise procedure that ensures a natural look. Because the hair is your own hair, the look is very natural and blends seamlessly. There is no major incision or scarring, no stitches are needed. With FUE a man in Singapore can wear his hair short if he desires without any major scarring being visible.

FUE Methods

Part of the natural look that FUE offers is because of the technique itself. After numbing the area the doctor carefully extracts hair follicles from the back or sides of the head with a punch extractor. Newer robotic extractors are also available in some cases. The extracted follicle is examined for health and put in a sterile solution until transplanted to the recipient site. Survival of the follicle is extremely important and the doctor will move carefully and quickly to ensure the follicle is transplanted while still viable. Very small incisions are then made on the balding area and the donor follicle is placed carefully into the area. There is art involved in this step. The doctor will place the follicle so it grows in a natural direction to blend with your existing hair. This is one reason why FUE is so effective in treating male pattern baldness for men in Singapore.

Is the Transplant Safe?

FUE is a safe and comfortable procedure. The process is completed by a professional. The patient is awake and receives only a topical anesthetic. Some patients even fall asleep during the procedure. The procedure requires tiny incisions and does not require stitches. The healing time is fairly quick. Of course any procedure has the risk of infection but as long as the patient follows guidelines for aftercare the risk is minimal.

Another reason that FUE is so effective is that the procedure can be completed in a day, or sometimes two. The downtime involved is minimal, and the patient goes home the same day. There is some aftercare as the scalp heals, but very soon the patient will be back to their normal routine. Over time the new DHT resistant follicles grow new hair and eventually the man will be able to forget about his hair loss. Imagine how much money a man in Singapore can save by not having to purchase and try products that don’t work. FUE is effective, permanent and natural looking.

If you are experiencing male pattern hair loss, and you are looking for a safe, professional and effective solution to your hair loss, FUE in Singapore may be the answer for you. Rather than trying to fix your hair loss yourself with often useless products, consult a professional and see if FUE is the answer for you.